Outsourced General Counsel Services

Outsourced General Counsel Services (“OGCS”)

OGCS was developed with one mission: give You the legal counsel that You need and deserve without the fear of being nickel and dimed.  Every business needs a trusted advisor – money should not be an obstacle to obtaining legal and business counsel.  Through OGCS, I provide Your Business with the experience of an in-house business and legal counselor, without any of the attendant costs and overhead associated with in-house counsel, such as, salary, taxes, medical insurance, and office space.

Unlike traditional law firms, OGCS provides its services for a flexible fixed monthly fee.  The advantages are numerous, but specifically, you are able to generally budget for most of your yearly business counselor and legal expenses.    OGCS is an ROI positive and cost effective business solution for the legal and business decisions and challenges that Your Business is and will be confronted with.

Depending on Your budget and legal needs, we can tailor a solution for Your Business that will provide all of the benefits and none of the costs associated with in-house counsel.  See how our services can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs.