Different and proud of it!   My goal is not to be Your lawyer, but a trusted advisor, who will provide You with proactive business counsel which will reduce, or hopefully prevent, future legal challenges.  That said, there are times where reactionary legal counsel and service are unavoidable, and Silverman Law stands ready to provide such legal solutions when necessary.

I am passionate about businesses and helping them grow and thrive.  Silverman Law was founded to provide businesses with the business and legal counsel that they need and deserve.

My experiences in the business world, as well as, in private practice and as general counsel, allows me: to engage Your business quickly and efficiently regardless of industry; to understand Your business and potential or current legal challenges; and to either (i) provide a proactive solution to a future legal challenge and/or (ii) creatively solve a current legal challenge.  I pride myself on responsible and honest representation.  Let me focus on the business and legal challenges You face and think about daily, so that You can focus on Your business and advancing Your goals!

Silverman Law primarily serves the businesses located in New York, New Jersey and Florida, but stands ready to help You and Your Business wherever you are located.