Creditors/Debtors Rights and Bankruptcy

There comes a time in every business lifecycle when a business will experience a debtor/creditor situation or an insolvency event, whether it is against a bank, unsecured creditors, and/or taxing authorities.  With years of experience representing creditors and debtors in all forms of insolvency issues, my Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy practice is focused on such issues, and will help reduce or eliminate the business risk that comes along with insolvency events.  I have the ability to analyze your issues quickly and thoroughly.

These issues are common and require an experienced professional to assist and guide You through.  I will help You focus on the problem and help lift the emotional and financial burdens from You and Your Business to the best of my ability.

I am acutely aware of the need to maximize asset value and/or recovery at low cost; that is why proactive planning through sound and well reasoned business decisions is so important.  Such proactive planning may be able to reduce the risk of financial hardship or losses, will maximize benefits, and reduce future legal costs.

Ensure that You and Your Business get the best representation available to You without the burdensome costs of big law.  I will get in the trench with You and will fight for Your rights, because You are my partner, and Your well being is my well being.