Business Law

Business Decisions
Every day You make several business decisions that can impact upon your business, and which will ultimately have a legal effect on the Business, whether they are positive or negative.  Some of these decisions can be, and may seem, small and trivial at the time; and some can be and may be, very overwhelming.  Regardless of the size of the decision, it is unknown how that decision will impact the future of Your Business.  These decisions may consume your time and attention, which takes You away from making sure Your Business is running smoothly.  Successful businesses have a leader, You, that can calloborate with his team of trusted advisors to make these decisions, and allow You to operate Your Business with peace of mind.  Some of the high level business decision i can guide you through include: Acquisitions or Dispositions of businesses or assets, including leasing and purchasing equipment or inventory; Capitalization, including loans and equity investments.

Business Entity Selection & Formation
One of the most important decisions You can make when starting a business is choosing the proper form.  It is extremely important to understand each type of entity, and the advantages and disadvantages of each (including restrictions and tax ramifications), so You can make an informed decision about which to choose.  That is why I will spend time understanding Your intended goals, and then in concert with your tax advisor, we will select the proper entity form for Your Business which will align with Your goals.

Contract Formation
Contract formation can have very long term effects on Your Business, and if not drafted properly, with Your goals and Business needs in mind, those effects can be extremely negative and detrimental to Your Buinsess.  Contracts are not simple, and thus, You need the right kind of business and legal advisor that can walk you through the good and bad ramifications of that binding contract, regardless of its duration.  I have the experience and business acumen to help guide you through these important decisions.

Formation Documents
There are several documents that are required and recommended when forming a business entity.  Most important of them, is the formation agreement (whether a Partnership Agreement, Operating Agreement or Shareholder Agreement).  The formation agreement is the foundation of Your new Business, and it requires significant thought and planning.  If the formation agreement is contemplated properly, and specifically tailored to the wants and desires of You, or in the case of two or more owners, the parties, a well-drafted formation document will make operations a smooth as possible.